Supa Glide

RubberWise Supa-Glide horse arena surface, a 100% recycled rubber flake reclaimed from industrial tyres. It is made using a unique process, which slices rubber from forklift tyres, forming solid rubber flakes of rubber. The rubber flakes are mixed in various proportions into course sand and the result is a brilliant working surface.
Supa-Glide will provide a great stability, cushioning and shock absorption, and helping to lessen and prevent injury.
Supa-Glide horse arena surface reduces water usage and will minimise dust on your arena.  By mixing Supa-Glide with sand, the life of the sand is extended because the abrasive action is reduced. The sand breakdown less quickly, less dust is formed so less watering is needed.  This reduction of dust on your working surface will help aide with reducing respiratory conditions with horse and rider.
Supa-Glide horse arena surface will feel like you are riding on top of your surface, giving a fantastic performance surface.
Supa-Glide is ideal for Horse Arenas, Round yards, Horse Walkers, Breeding Barns, Training Tracks.
Please see the installation process on the Gallery Page