Welcome to RubberWise!

RubberWise is an Australian family run business, located Western Sydney NSW.
We supply quality recycled rubber products, where the material has been reclaimed from waste tyres.
Each year about one billion tyres are discarded around the worldwith the most ending up in a landfill. Australia accumulates around 25million (260 000ton) per year. With over 65 per cent of waste tyresbeing illegally dumped or going to landfills.Which means too many wastetyres are ending up in our waterways, landscapes and our ever-reducinglandfill. At this rate our future generations will inherit an unsustainable environment.
RubberWise is working towards reusing and recycling waste tyres to maintain a sustainable environment and a cleaner future.

RubberWise specialises in:

 Horticulture & Landscape Applications
 Coloured Rubber Mulch
 Playground Surfaces
 Synthetic Grass Infill
 Safety Floor Solutions
 Crumb and Shredded Rubber for Various Applications

So think globally and act locally, Think RubberWise!